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Giving a Direction to Your Aspirations

Everyone has potential and aspirations. It is just that students are new to it.

Potential and aspirations do not match - specially with students just out of college. They neither know their strengths and weaknesses, nor do they know what exactly they want. Frankly I do not expect teenagers to really know this, most of us are still finding out.

There are many advises about finding out your true passion, your dream job, your ideal Company and so on. None of them give even an iota of information on what exactly the student needs to do. How does he discover or uncover his passion? What is the definition of a dream job? If I do not know what I want, how do I know when I get it?

I intend to cover the gaps by talking about these very issues, issues which students begin to face soon after leaving College, specially when they do not get placed.

​We will begin our journey by discovering a few facts, a few feelings and then see life practically. Let's go.

This Website is Still Under Construction. It will be Operational From 15 May 2017. Watch for that date!! See You.

Getting from where you are to where you want to be

Over 40 years of military, teaching and industrial experience.